Learning Social Media

i’ve been dabbling in using social media since starting my blog. I started with a Twitter account and tentatively posted a few tweets. The main purpose was to advertise my blog so that I could get the word out to entrepreneurs and service disabled veterans.

I also found that Twitter was a good way to receive valuable information on government contracting, entrepreneurship, and other items of interest.

I use word press for my blog and it automatically allows you to post to social media such as Twitter, Facebook,  and Google plus.

I’ve recently kicked up my social media campaign (no pun intended) with the launch of my kick starter project. Being a neophyte, I wasn’t all that sure how to use Twitter or other social media tools.

After a short amount of research I learned that you could promote certain tweets.  I set a budget of $250 and set a limit of $20 a day. The result was I received a few more followers and my first troll. Actually it was another Twitter account user who tweeted for me to stop spamming. I was a bit embarrassed for this was certainly not the desired effect of the Twitter campaign.  My desire was to let folks know about what I think is a good product and to put the word out about my kick starter campaign.

I also started and Google ad words account. I set another budget of $100 with a limit of $20 a day. Google didn’t place is a small ad when somebody does a Google search for a Neti pot. I’m not certain how effective the campaign is been but I wanted to give my kick starter campaign the best chance for success.

Yesterday I decided to post my first YouTube video. It is an update to my Netti pot design and the show how the heating element works.  Please let me know what you think.

I’m still learning how to use social media but I think it’s a valuable tool. I also believe that podcasts have tremendous potential to reach people, but I’ll leave that for sometime in the future.  I hope this blog helps you to learn how to use social media and helping you to achieve your dreams and goals.

As always take action each and every day and be grateful.

With love and respect,