Secrets to Launch Your Federal Small Business

So you’ve started your veteran owned small business and you’re trying to generate revenue, but despite your best efforts it seems you just can’t move forward. This blog will help you gain insight on how to gain traction to generate income and build your skills to succeed.

Large federal contractors have a host of resources available to them such as business development teams comprised of marketing experts, capture managers, proposal managers, pricing strategists, price to win analysts, and a slew of other resources to help them write technically compliant and compelling proposals. As a small business, you are probably responsible for all of these roles. So how can you possibly gain enough traction to write a winning proposal?

To help your eventual success, here are a few things you can do to help increase your chances. Before you jump into you writing a proposal, you will need to develop knowledge to understand what is required to write a competitive proposal.

Team. As referenced in previous posts, teaming with more experience companies is a great way to launch your company, learn about proposal development, and generate revenue. Connect with successful companies that have already developed and honed their skill to understand the competitive environment; understand the customer hot button issues and mission needs; how to price competitively; develop a strong outline; and write technically compliant and compelling proposals. This is a invaluable way to obtain mentorship and launch your business.

Work for someone else. Another way to build your bona fides, is to take a job at a federal contracting company. Take on as many responsibilities as you can to build your knowledge base regarding federal contracting. The lessons you will learn from working for someone else will build a solid base for you to use when you launch your own business.

Find a partner. In your personal life and in business, relationships are everything! Finding the right partner who shares your desire to stab Lish a winning team can give you the force multiplier to get going. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. You and your business partner will need to establish what roles each of you are the strongest at and then divide and conquer the tasks to move your business forward. having a good partner will also keep you motivated during Those times when your motivation is low and you need someone to push you to keep going.

Know and except that things will fail. One of the most important lessons you can learn is that things will fail. Understanding this secret to success will keep you going. As with any worthwhile endeavor, you need to prepare to fail, fail again, and fail yet again until you finally succeed! This is the secret: persistence is the key to success. With few exceptions, this is the only true way to succeed.

Remember to take action every day! You can do this! No matter how small the task may seem to be, taking action will keep you and your business moving forward.

With Love and Respect,

GaryMake it Happen on a blackboard