Six Simple Steps to Achieving your Dreams

Now that the New Year is quickly approaching, I wanted to share six simple strategies to help you to live the life of your dreams.  These strategies will help get you started quickly, and we’ll help you achieve momentum and the velocity needed to keep you moving forward.

If you have an idea of what you would like to do, whether writing a novel, getting healthy, developing an invention, starting a business, and etc., here is how to start:

  1. Write down your goal in detail. What will it look like? How you will it feel when it is completed? Use as much detail as possible; it doesn’t matter how impossible it may seem right now, just write it down.
  2. List two or three initial steps to get started on your goal.
  3. Post what you want to do and the list to your bathroom mirror, refrigerator door, the steering wheel of your car, your computer screen or any other place you frequently see.
  4. Every day for at least 30 minutes take action until you complete the initial steps.
  5. Pat yourself on the back. You are now moving forward.
  6. Now make a new list of two or three additional steps you will need to take and begin the process again.

These simple steps can be life altering. As you begin to make progress, you goal will become reality almost as if by magic.  Now that you’ve started be forewarned that there will be set backs, and the ever present danger of inactivity.  Remember this:  Inactivity is the enemy and the killer of dreams.  Action is the warrior spirit that makes dreams come true.  At times, inactivity may win a battle but you must never surrender to it if you want to win the war.  The other danger is perfection.  Perfection works side-by-side with inactivity and gives it its strength. Nothing will ever be perfect, and if you wait for the perfect time, the perfect solution, the perfect amount of knowledge, or the perfect anything, you will never begin or never finish.  The project will become overwhelming if you let perfection stand in your way.

We write down our goals to help bring clarity and to provide a tangible reality to something that until you write it down only exists in your imagination.  The process of putting words to paper is the start of the magical process of turning fantasy into reality. The more detail you use, the more your mind will see it as a real possibility.  For example if you desire to buy your dream house, put as much detail into how it will look, how each room will be furnish, how it will feel, and smell.  Then you need to write down how you will feel once you’ve achieved the goal.  Write it as if it has already become reality.

Making a list of only two or three steps helps us to psychologically ease into our goal.  It keeps the initial steps simple and achievable which will provide a boost to your willpower.

The posted list is the gently nagging reminder that you have work to do; we all need a little something to drive us to action.  Consider the posted lists as your personal muse that is inspiring you to do something greater than yourself.

Why 30 minutes?  Because once again, anyone can find 30 minutes to change your life!  This daily 30 minutes will help you accomplish things that you never would have dreamed possible and will spur you on to achieve other goals.

Anytime that you achieve a goal, treat yourself to a internal high five.  You’ve accomplished something and that is to be congratulated.  Soon you will soon find that your attitude about life and your life itself is changing.  That you suddenly understand that you have the power to change your life and the lives of those around you.

The next list of steps will continue to help make your dreams come true.  And once you’ve started, you will be compelled to continue your work.

Do not forget that what one person has done, so can you!  And you will have set backs, but your work must continue.  Be true to the possibilities of your life because you only have this life to live, so make it count!  As always, take action and be grateful for each and every day.

With Love and Respect,




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