Making Choices

Hi All –

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, but I wanted to share one more blog before the end of the year.  This blog is all about decisions and how they affect every element of our lives.  Big decisions, little decisions, life changing decisions – our choices have brought us to this  moment in our lives.  Do you have the love, physical, spiritual, and emotional health to be your best self?  If not, how did you get to your present life situation?  Did you choose your life; was it chosen for you; or did you simply drift through life, letting the currents of time and in-the-moment situations bring you to where you are today?  Weather it was one way or a combination, the truth is you were and are responsible.  No decision or allowing someone else make the decision all circles back to you!  Until we take full responsibility for our lives and the decision we’ve made, we have set ourselves up as victims.

Coming to the realization that you are in control of your life feels liberating and a bit frightening but it give life such depth and richness it is the best gift possible.   The ability to accept responsibility for every aspect of our lives and to make decisions is live altering.  Why?  Because at this very moment you can make a decision and take action to move your life forward to a future of your making.  You can decide where to live, what to do, who to love, how you’ll respond to thoughts, words, and the actions – whether your own or someone else’s.  You possess your own power and nothing can stand in your way.  You won’t apologize for your choices; it is your life to live and the choices are yours to make.  You are responsible and free to be your authentic self.  What a gift!

So what is the downside to owning your decisions and your life?  Things will fail and not go according to your wishes.  For all you that think that you must know every detail and the situation must be perfect before you make a decision – you’ll be stuck!  There are few perfect moments or plans and if you wait until you have one, you’ll likely never move forward by making a decision.  Please know that failing is normal; life isn’t always perfect.  Once you accept failing is something everyone has to experience, you can be better prepared emotionally to address it.  You may be so prepare that you have a backup plan and hopefully a backup to the backup!  Move and flow with life and you’ll learn lessons that will help you make better decisions. It’s all ok.

Here’s wishing you all a Happy and Joyous New Year and as always take action!

With Love and Respect,