What does it Mean to be an Entrepreneur?

I truly believe that each of us, regardless of our past or background, have the capacity to enhance our lives for the better.  The spark that can propel us into richer and fuller versions of ourselves is perspective.  The simple act of changing how we view the world.  When we can be truly present and look about the world and see the beauty and bounty available,  ignoring rather than listening to the chattering negative voice inside our head, we suddenly change from a place of comparison and criticism to one of gratitude.

When life’s daily toll has removed the shine and wonder from our eyes, it is hard to refocus and see through the mental haze  thrust upon us through the sometimes hurtful actions of the unconscious,  culture, societal roles, and a media that praises appearance and material possession as the way to self fulfillment and happiness.  I believe that when we work  toward achieving goals that we set using our own internal compass, we change our lives from simply existing to living dynamic lives where passion grows and thrives.

This is what I love about being an entrepreneur.  The ability to set my own life’s direction based on my values and how I view success.  The very concept of success changes.  Since starting my business, I become excited when small victories are made — the first website, the first proposal, the first win.  I see my dreams begin to take shape and to me, this is success.  I am more fulfilled, confident, and happy as a result.

When we decide to take responsibility for our own lives, as if by magic, ideas begin to appear more frequently and for the first time, perhaps in years, we begin to see the true possibilities of our potential.  With a new clarity we understand that we do not have to be limited by the narrative of what success “should” look like.

Here is to us — for living rather than existing and complying to others idea of who we are, how we should behave, and what our limits should be — the deciding factor is ourselves!

So let’s launch that new business and make the decision to live with determination and persistence and the knowledge that passion is created from doing what comes from within us.  We can do this.

Here’s to being entrepreneurs and taking action toward our goals each and every day!

With Love and Respect,



Turning Dreams into Action

For me, writing down my goals appears to have an almost magical quality to it.  If I imagine something I would like to accomplish, I write down my thoughts and set a timeline on turning it into reality.

For example, when I write down the things I would like to accomplish for the day — usually no more than three or four items; if I don’t complete them all, I move them to the next day’s list.  I also review and revise my goals for the next 6-months and for the next year and beyond.  I place the date I wrote the goal and the date I expect to have it accomplished.

This is what my goals look like:

– Review and take steps to complete my goals

TODAY:  Immediate Goals:

  • Exercise!!!
  • Touch base with Michael concerning Insurance
  • Sketch out patent and forward on to legal zoom
  • Review RFP response for CBP opportunity
  • Complete teaming agreement and target rates
  • Start new blog (done)

6 Months: My goal for within 6 months is to

  • Start CVE application (04/15/14) (started)
  • Launch ConnectifySocial (04/15/14) (done)
  • Develop Social Media Tool (04/22/14) (done)
  • Apply for patent (04/25/14) (started)

This week

  • Set meeting with Connectify group for Thursday (done)

1 – 2 Years: My goal for within one to two years is to

  • Develop podcast for Veterans/SDVOSB (02/16/14)
  • Develop ideas for book based on blog and podcast (04/17/14)
  • Buy property in Slovenia (04/25/14)

If you have an idea, write it down and then take action every day to make it into reality.  This simple concept can be life changing.  You do not have to complete everything all at once.  Even if you only have 30 minutes to work toward a goal, as long as you do it consistently, by the end of a year you will have gone a long way to reaching your goals — persistence, persistence, persistence.

Please do not wait another day or even a second to live your dreams.  You are capable of doing more than you believe; you are capable of achieving your dreams.

With Love and Respect,