Bits and Pieces

Hi All –

I haven’t posted in the past few months and wanted to provide an update. I had spread myself a little too thin and need to truly focus on my primary business and growing. One decision I made was to transfer ownership of another startup I owned to a family member. The lesson to me was I cannot run two companies at once and truly push them both forward to their maximum potential. This doesn’t mean I will not start other ventures, only that I need to ensure my primary company and passion stays healthy and continues to prosper.

This lesson can also be applied to our personal lives and relationships. Projects, sports, television, and our smartphones are a compelling distraction from our primary source of happiness – our self development, family and friends – they deserve our primary focus.

So on to things that I’ve been doing.

  • The Good
    • I was award a patent on my neti pot design and it is now for sale on Amazon. Yeah for me! If there is enough interest, I will post on the patent process and how to get your product prototyped and into production.
    • My Federal Contracting Business, A2 Federal, Inc., continues to grow by partnering and pursuing prime opportunities.
    • I completed and was approved by the Veterans Administration for certification as a Service Disabled, Veteran-Owned Small Business.
    • I’ve completed the submission process for 8a certification. I will provide information on the process on a future post.
  • The Bad
    • I couldn’t run two companies and transferred ownership to a family member.

As always, continue to move forward everyday both professionally and personally!

With Love and Respect,