How to Move Forward (Persistence Revisited)

Greetings All –

I’ve been away for a while working on my business.  As with many pursuits, this one had a major set back.  A contract we worked hundreds of hours on and won with a Prime teammate did not result in a subcontract as agreed upon in our teaming agreement.  It was a huge disappointment to say the least…especially after bringing  the opportunity to the Prime and writing 90 percent of proposal for a win.  However, when it is time to move on from a disappointment, then we must truly move on.  Life is too short to dwell on should haves or could haves.  There are many opportunities and we need always look forward.

On any endeavor, even those you are passionate about, there will come a time when we can lose momentum and drive especially in the face of a disappointment.

It appears that there are many people who have the delusion that if only they had the proper willpower, then they will succeed.  However, research has shown that willpower is limited and like a muscle becomes fatigued after use, our willpower can also become depleted.  So willpower alone can only take you so far despite how much you wish to succeed.

On a previous post (Fight Resistance – Gain Momentum and Velocity, I spoke about persistence –  the ability to view and conduct yourself as a professional as written about by Steven Pressfield.  The very act of getting up each day and then doing your work – without complaint (ok, some minor complaining) or excuse — is the mark of a professional.  Having this attitude can help us overcome the inevitable setback we will face on any challenge.  So how do we keep focus and maintain the necessary velocity to do those things that will bring us success?

1.  Treat yourself and others with kindness; love those who you love; do not waste time on anything else.

2.  Establish daily rituals/habits that will continue that help you work toward your goal regardless of what life throws your way; get up each day and take action on your chosen work – be it a business, a novel, or other endeavor.

3.  Accept the fact that some ventures do not work out; our pursuits must have a greater vision than focusing on a single venture or goal.

4.  Remain creative, curious, and passionate about living your life to its greatest potential; you are capable of far more than you and others realize or perhaps understand; if you are not enjoying or feel a drive for what you are doing, it may be time to reassess.

5. Surround yourself with like minded individuals; find mentors and organizations where you can learn and grow; remember to chose your associates carefully as success does lead to success.

6. Rest.  Provide time to recharge your batteries and take care of yourself.

Here’s to living lives that are up to our greatest potential – lives filled with meaningful relationships, self expression, and love; why chose anything less?

With Love and Respect,



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