Greetings from Doha, Qatar and the Giant Teddy Bear


I was just in Doha, Qatar for work associated with my position as a contractor. Qatar has been on a building frenzy and has recently opened a new airport — Hamad International Airport  The airport is absolutely stunning.  Along with luxury shops and exotic sports cars there was a giant teddy bear sitting in the middle of the airport!


If you find yourself on business travel, do not let it be an excuse to  keep you from taking action to push your business forward.

For example, after working hours, my partners had arranged to meet with a company pursuing a training contract with the Qatari Government.  Our company’s namesake Doug Whetstone, one of my partners, is an expert in security screening and deceptive behavior detection; his proprietary techniques to detect deceptive behavior know as Body Language Assessment and Scoring Technique (BLAST) is something we are interested in offering in the Middle East

The good news is the meeting concluded with an agreement to have Whetstone Security Group to subcontract to potentially provide BLAST training to the Ministry of Interior.

Remember to always operate with honesty and integrity for there is always an opportunity to provide great service and dedication to your current obligations while continuing to pursue your own business goals in your off time.

Life is about balance and pursuing the best life possible for yourself and those you love.  As such, I am currently in Frankfurt, Germany awaiting my next flight to Ljubljana, Slovenia where I will meet my wife and daughter to start a family vacation. In my opinion, family time is just as important as our business pursuits.  Make time to spend with your family … but remember to take action each and every day!

With Love and Respect,



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